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Issues That Can Affect A Child’s Performance In School

Not all children act and behave the same way, some excel in sports whereas some excel in studies and in some cases, and they only excel at certain subjects in schools. Many parents feel like their child is just being lazy, sure that might be the reason in some cases but there are other issues that might be affecting your child as well. First of all, we need to differentiate between your child failing vs your child not being better than the rest. You can’t decide that your kid is lagging behind just because they aren’t getting the scores you expect them of. 

How to deal with the issues?

Boredom could contribute to the reason as to why your child does not perform well academically. They should be interested in their work in order to study it, one way you can help is by making it look interesting. Create study sessions at home in a way that’s fun, use pictures and songs to help them remember it and reward them every time they get the questions right. This would at least give them something to look forward to afterward. Apart from this, a poor diet and lack of sleep could also be the underlying issue. Sleep deprivation can lower your child’s IQ and lack of nutrients can affect the growth and development of the brain, both of which could make it harder for your child to focus. Ensure that your child goes to sleep early and gets the 8 hours of sleep that’s required and provide your child with a balanced diet. You should also try helping your child to do their homework, sometimes the work may actually be too difficult for them. If this is the case, then consider giving them some extra classes after school in order to help them catch up to the others. If none of the above are the issues, then you should consider the possibilities of your child having some sort of learning difficulties due to nice ADHD, dyslexia or autism that hasn’t been diagnosed yet.

If you suspect any of these conditions, you could try consulting a doctor to get your child evaluated or undergo tests like the dyslexia assessment test. If your kid has been diagnosed with a learning difficulty, try finding a way on how you can help them understand. However, remember that in most cases the reason behind lagging behind in school is due to lack of interest or that they are weak in certain aspects and need extra help. It’s pretty normal, and it would usually get better with time.